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Oak Hill Advisors

is a leading alternative investment firm with $64 B under management as of March 31, 2024 across performing and distressed credit related investments in North America, Europe and other geographies.


For over 30 years and across multiple credit cycles, OHA’s team of professionals has collaborated to successfully navigate the high yield credit, leveraged loan, structured products, distressed investment and private credit markets.


OHA employs a highly rigorous, fundamental, value-based approach to credit investing that seeks to generate strong performance through a focus on downside protection and active management.


OHA’s industry focused investment platform is fully integrated across asset classes and geographies, enhancing results and promoting a strong culture of teamwork.


The deep continuity of OHA’s senior management team has enabled a consistent investment philosophy, process and a strong culture which we believe contributes to attractive performance.


By evaluating opportunities across the credit universe, OHA’s investment teams have a broad perspective that positions OHA to capture both relative and absolute value across asset classes.


Since its inception, OHA has embraced a partnership approach to developing long term strategic relationships with its clients as well as borrowers and other market participants to address their evolving needs in creative ways.

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Oak Hill Advisors, L.P. is a subsidiary of T. Rowe Price


Oak Hill Advisors, L.P.
One Vanderbilt, 16th Floor
New York, NY 10017
(212) 326-1500