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Women’s Network

OHA’s Women’s Network strives to provide women with opportunities for connections, collaboration, mentorship and professional development. The Network supports the inclusion and development of all our women across the globe.

LGBTQ+ Network

OHA’s LGBTQ+ Network strives to provide networking and educational opportunities among LGBTQ+ individuals and allies. We seek to contribute to driving a culture of inclusivity. We proudly sponsor Wharton Alliance and Out for Undergrad to help LGBTQ+ youth reach their full potential.

Multicultural Network

OHA’s Multicultural Network strives to provide networking, educational and collaboration opportunities for all OHA employees of all cultures. We believe that bringing OHA employees of all different backgrounds together to set the firm’s agenda for our multicultural activities will advance a culture of inclusion and diversity.

Sustainability Network

OHA’s Sustainability Network strives to inspire and educate employees on the value and importance of sustainability at our firm and in our world. We focus on improving OHA’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts from the ground up.

Veterans Network

OHA’s Veterans Network honors the contributions of veterans and their families by promoting a collaborative culture that values the strength and experience the military community brings to the firm. We seek to increase employee engagement through speaking events, volunteer and philanthropic opportunities as well as hiring initiatives.